Sunday, November 4, 2007

Road Rage!

Road Rage is a funny thing. I suffer from it regularly. Yet when I see the flipping of hands and contorted lips of the guy in front of me, I feel quite self-righteous about the fact that I, unlike the guy in front of me, am keeping it cool. Good me. (Help me pat myself on the back here!) Jerry Seinfeld made a comment about when people purchase a car they think they buy the 50 feet in front of it too. Funny, it really resonated with me. When I still ran the daycare the little girl in my care would go home with her mom and at every green light would yell, "Go, go, go" and it wasn't because I was teaching her her colors! My son, when he was quite a bit younger was with Omi one day and yells, "It's not getting any greener!". Maybe I've had this problem for awhile! OK so maybe it isn't a "maybe". I was thinking yesterday while I'm driving on slippery roads feeling very superior about the fact that I have remembered to change my tires before the roads got bad (For the first time ever), that for lent (whenever that is) that I shall give up my aggressive driving. ( sorry for the run-on sentence) I shall abide by the speed limit and be patient with the idiots in front of me. I might even stop calling them idiots, but that isn't likely! Some have earned that title and it wouldn't be fair to take it away from them! Lent is 30 -40 days or something I think. Maybe I'll start with one day. I'll pick a day that I only have to go out once so I'll be able to restrain myself. Maybe I'll do it on a Sunday morning before anyone else is on the road....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving comes during the most wonderful time of year. Somehow a tradition started a few years ago. I think the twins were 2 1/2 the first time we went to my sister's for the weekend. Maybe it was the last trip we could take before the roads turned bad. Whatever the reason for starting was, we have all kinds of reasons to keep the tradition going.

I live in the middle of the city, right on the brink of the "hood". Not a day goes by that I don't see hookers and druggies. I'm raising my kids here. When I was a kid I had no idea what a hooker was and I certainly wouldn't have recognized one if I saw one. My kids regularly tell me about a girl on the corner. Not an ideal situation to raise kids.

My sister lives on ten acres in the middle of farmland Alberta. It is very quiet there. The only noise you can hear are the quads roaring home at the end of the day. A far cry different from my lovely little home.

So we hop into our cool little mini van and burn our way across the province. Armed with a DVD player and 11 DVDs, we set out. We travel though some very beautiful country with varying amounts of snow and I realize that we are not prepared for all weather. As a northern girl, I should be better prepared! Six hours later we arrived at my sister's house. SIX INCHES of fresh snow! I am wearing clogs and bare legs. Really, I should know better.

They have spent the last two years building a beautiful home and I do mean home. It is so welcoming and well decorated. They had just had their topsoil levelled and spread over the yard. That being translated means mix dirt and snow and you get mud. Not just any old mud but the clay kind that sticks to boots and little children like glue. Seven kids all covered in mud, oh and two dogs too.

We were free from the business of life in the city. I didn't even have access to the Internet. (Not because they are backward, but because Telus has no service to speak of.) So no TV, no Internet, no traffic rushing by. So tranquil. We sent the kids outside and they went away for hours. Periodic checks out the window assured us they were still alive.

For five days we enjoyed country living. In typical "Michelle" fashion, we were very well fed. Thanksgiving dinner was a fresh turkey raised in a farm setting, not commercially prepared. Nothing makes better gravy. More food then we thought we could polish off magically disappeared.

I needed to return to the city and my home. I'm still enjoying the benefits of a country holiday and I hope to for quite some time.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Life

If I have any readers left, please accept my apology for the neglect. I haven't been feeling very inspired and my life doesn't seem as tragic or something. I am finally free. My children are all in school now and I am trying to adjust to my new life. I think I smile all day and go our lots. My goal for next week is to stay home and get things done. We'll see!

School is going well. Tae Kwon Do has started for one child and gymnastics and dance will start tomorrow for the other one. The little two are still waiting for their activity. I can't seem to find a good fit for them and me. Maybe we'll just do swim lessons for them this year and they can wait until they're older for the extra things. I seem to be on the road all afternoon as it is now.

I am starting school next week. I'm not sure yet how many years I'll have to re-do. The placement test wasn't as scary as I thought. I know I have to do Math 12, English 12, Biology 12, and chemistry 11 and 12. Oh my sucky schooling. Or maybe it is my lofty aspirations! Maybe I should just be a mom... nah! That's not that fun. My brain needs to be used. It is amazing how quickly some of the basics come back when you refresh.

For now, I drink tea, coffee go for lunch....whatever.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good Fellowship

Today is Sunday. The day when dedicated people drag their butts outta bed to go to church. I had volunteered to be a greeter for the K -2 Sunday school class so for today, I was dedicated! After I was finished my duties, I went to the "little girls room" for a quick trip before I went to the service. In there I saw my friend who is going through chemo with her mom-in-law. She was having a moment and we decided to talk about lighter subjects in the "Westwood Cafe", our church's coffee corner. We very rarely get to catch up due to the busyness of our lives (mostly hers). I must say that I needed that more than I needed to go to church. (Sorry Mel!) Adult conversation is as rare as ... hens teeth around here. I'm really feeling the end of summer and so are the kids. We are a little short tempered with each other. The weather hasn't been great and my energy has been low. In short, WE ARE READY FOR SCHOOL!!! I do believe that after this morning's fellowship I will make it!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bad Service

I want out for lunch today. I rarely go to a real restaurant for various reasons, but today I went for lunch. It was a local pannakoken house that recently changed hands. They are usually a very busy place on Sundays after church. (Just so you know, it is a pet peeve of mine when people criticize wait staff just for the heck of it. If your not willing to do it yourself, don't complain about someone else doing it. All this is with the exception of really poor service involving bad manners and uncleanliness.) In this restaurant my favorite meal is the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. This is served with hash browns and of all things salad. I went with two friends who are use to the waitress basically placing their order as soon as they walk in the door. That waitress no longer works there so for them the service was poor from the get go. I was teasing them a bit about not being pleased at the service or lack thereof. I should know better than to do that because it always comes back to bite me in the butt. Well, I ordered coffee from the regular waitress not the drinks waitress. It never showed up. Finally I reordered and it showed up right before my food did. My food was cold. Since I would rather eat warm eggs than microwaved rubberized eggs, I just kept eating. Until I got to the yolk. Now when you order a hard yolk, you should get a hard yolk, runny yolks are sickening. I cut into my yolk and it ran all over my plate. Yuk! I had to complain. It was too much. The second one was good but the damage was done. I was ready to complain. We didn't get any service at all. Our coffee and water wasn't refilled unless we asked and that was only after Heather went to complain IN the kitchen. We didn't tip. The chick who was taking our money was slow with the change hoping we'd say she could keep it. Surprisingly, none of us left a tip. If you deserve a tip, I'll give you one. I think I'll write a review for the local paper. I wonder if anyone would read it...

Friday, July 27, 2007


I thought I had written about my injury here and sent people here only to find it was my imagination! Sorry! OK the injury wasn't heroic and possibly even stupid. I wrote about it somewhere and haven't a clue where. Old age creeping up on me.
I went to my soccer game and when I got out of the van, I wrenched my ankle. Cleats are great on grass, not so great on pavement. SO it hurt but I walked it off. ( Maybe slightly heroic!) I then played a hard game with no spares. Meaning I played a solid 80 minutes of soccer. ( Again the heroics!) My right foot was stomped on no less than 3 times and I'm sure the left one was kicked more than once. Game over. On the way back to the van, I turned the same ankle again! As if it didn't hurt enough the first time! This was the night before we were suppose to leave for holidays. I made it home and was sore but didn't think it was worse than any other hard game. Within an hour I was in agony. I could hardly move and I was biting off Paul's head for moving even slightly and jostling me. I was on crutches for a whole day. Then I was good. Homeopathic remedies work really fast. So now I've had a real injury. Crutches and everything!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Here I am in Ft. Nelson, BC. I came up here to visit my Hunny and pick up the trailer that he is making for us so we can take more than our kids on vacation with us. You know things like a tent, cook stove and food. Nothing major, just essential. When I bought the van I wasn't thinking about going places and so I bought a Caravan rather than a Grand Caravan. It's amazing what you can't do without the Grand. So on the way up here I stopped to visit Aunty Sheesh for the night. The kids wondered at her name, asked if she was angry all the time. Sheesh! I said whatever gave you that idea! It isn't the greatest idea to stay up late taking to old friends before a 4 hour drive through nothing, They really should put a Tim Horton's somewhere between Ft. St. John and Ft. Nelson. I bought myself arguable the worst cup of coffee in Pink Mountain. Where is Pink Mtn? Well, kinda nowhere. It was suffer though a horrid coffee or risk the lives of my children as I took a brief nap while driving. Yes, Mom, I was careful! We arrive safe and sound. We are staying at some one's empty house in a beautiful location. There is a beautiful view and peace and quiet. Something we don't get to enjoy in Prince George. Oh, and the air is fresh. There are horses that Adriana is thrilled with and we are still hoping to get to go riding. She drops hints every day. When we arrived, Jonathan got pretty sick and was sick for the next 24 hours or so. He got better and then it was Jamison's turn. He is still recovering and I'm waiting for the next one! As a result, my sister doesn't necessarily want us to come visit her. Not that I blame her. It looks like I'm not leaving here until Saturday. If I go crazy and the trailer is done I might leave. If I wait until Saturday, Paul can come home with me and I won't have to drive 10 hours by myself. Despite it's isolation or maybe because of it, I am relaxing and don't seem to be in any rush to return to my home in the middle of a stinky city. It's a tough call, well not really. I need to deck of cards and the kids need their bikes and we'd be set for awhile. Don't worry Barbara, we will be home soon. And no, we still aren't moving, at least for the winter...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ramblings of a Homemaker

I'm sitting here alone (again), watching the brilliant lightning and having the thunder startle me out of my skin. I ponder my future. My life will be at an odd place in the fall. I will have 6 hours per day to myself. Yes, I will still need to manage my home and family but that won't take all that time and I will get very bored if I don't use my mind. You can only go for so many coffee's and lunches before it would fail to stimulate. Options are a weird thing. How exactly does one deal with them? I don't enjoy making life changing decisions. I don't want to waste time or money. That adds it's own pressure. You'd think by now I'd know what I'd want to be when I grew up! I do sort of, but I have a priority in my kids. Eight years of University is out of the question. I'd love to become an amature athlete, not much money in it though!
I have some options, I could go to the college and study human kinetics. I would like to take anatomy and physiology and chemistry. Biokinesionics is really fascinating too! I'm sure you can see my dilemma. Do I have what it takes to be a mom and full or even part time student? Why can't they have dance or gymnastics for mom's during the day while the kids are at school? I think for now I'll just watch the storm and leave the thinking for another day.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

To My "Anonymous Commentor"

OK lay on the guilt. I haven't had any inspiration as of late but I have been feeling how neglectful I have been. Yes, I have been breathing and surprisingly, ranting to 'real' people! Spring is here and I have been spending a lot of time outside and school is really busy. Paul was home late week and we thatched, aerated and seeded our lawn. He was very industrious. It was really sunny and hot. Now it is really cold and rainy. I will be writing later on. It isn't good to write when I'm uninspired. It's really hard on my reputation!

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Here it is! My Discipline Problem solved! This is a shawl that I knitted for my mom. I've been working on this off and on since October. She doesn't want to call it a shawl and the pattern actually called it a "cozy" so it is her cozy. In the first picture I am 'blocking' it. Basically steaming it and letting it dry completely so it keeps the right shape. Second is Mom modeling her cozy. It is made out of a lovely alpaca silk blend. Very smooth and yummy feeling. I got the pattern off of Defiantly one of my favorite sites. I didn't take a detail shot of it lacy pattern but it is really pretty. You can see the detail on the "cover" of the Fall '04 Issue # 9 of Thanks Danielle for designing it! BW

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have a problem. A discipline problem. I wish a simple spanking would fix it. You see the problem is ME! I should be knitting. I need to finish my mom's birthday present. I gave it to her on her birthday and need to finish it by Wednesday of next week. It is this darned computer. I can space out playing games and watching TV rather than being productive. What a bum. You see, I bought the kids these stuffies called 'Webkinz'. There is a website that has games that I can play and since I can sit here on the couch and play, I can do it all night. I can 'earn' kinzcash. Then the kids can spend the cash on food and clothing for the virtual version of their pet. It can be addicting. One good thing is every night about this time they shut down to do maintenance on their site. Rather than picking up my knitting and being productive, I'm blogging! Man, I sound like I really need help! AAAARRRRGGGG! Don't turn me in yet, I still need to finish mom's shawl!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring Break

Hello my loyal reader/s! Life has been either busy or boring, it's up to you to decide. Spring break is here and almost over. I must say, school is looking better and better every day. Last week we went to see my parents and hopefully ski. Well, the first day we were there it was -22 on the hill so we didn't go. Tuesday was about the same. Wednesday was a busy day for me so I couldn't ski that day. Thursday we finally went. Visibility was minimal and skiing was expensive. I bought equipment and bunny hill tickets for Michael and Jonathan. Dad and Connie (his sister) helped them ski. Michael finally was getting the feel of it by the end of the day. It was thrilling Thursday on the hill so we got free appies and Michael won a draw and got a free 'Rayz' tee shirt and a lanyard. It topped his day off! I must admit, it was exciting.
Friday I was planning on staying since Paul wasn't due home until Sunday. Around 2:00 pm I get a call at mom's and it's Paul. He had come home early and was going to surprise me and I wasn't even there. So we packed up in about an hour and were home by 7:30. It was good to be home for sure.
Paul took me out for supper on Monday night. He even went to a shusi bar just for me! That is a really big thing for him. He doesn't see what is the big deal about eating raw fish on tasteless rice wrapped in seaweed! Put that way I understand, but I still really like it!
Not much has happened since then. We went to look at pianos and found a great deal but ... arrrggg! I need to win the lottery! Tough thing to do since I haven't bought a ticket! I keep hoping for a rrrrroll up the rrrrim!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Remembering Karen

Today I went to a funeral for a friend. I haven't been to a funeral in probably 10+ years. I must say I'm glad I haven't been busy in the funeral department. I had to phone my parents for funeral etiquette. As far as funerals go it was good. Karen lived her life in an inspirational manner. Eight years ago when her son was 3 years old and her new born daughter was 2 weeks old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. With treatment she beat that one and was doing well for a number of years to my knowledge. Then about a year and a half ago they found that it had returned. This time it couldn't be beat. She fought a good fight and passed away on Monday. Her life was an excellent example of not wallowing in misery. She was all about getting the best out of life and serving her friends. I know lots of people say nice things at funerals. " Don't speak ill of the dead" and all that. But I knew Karen and even before I was aware that she had a tumor, I still would have said this about her. Please pray for her husband and children. They too have had a long battle and now they have to face life without their wife and mom. I'm not sad for Karen, for she truly is in a better place that she was well prepared for. My heart breaks for her children. Rusty is a great Dad and will do well, but there is nothing like a mom and the soft place she creates for her family. Among the many verses on hope and encouragement the Karen had underlined was Romans 15:13 'May the God of hope fill you with all the joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit'

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My life today

I've been feeling inspired to write and I almost had something to talk about. I'm almost completely finished my Celtic poncho. I made the knot and I sewed it all on... and it was CROOKED!!!!! SO I cut it all off and will go visit my knitting person tomorrow. Maybe then I will be able to post with all the enthusiasm I can muster.
As for now, I am going to rant...about something as trivial as TV. American Idol and the ungifted American public! They insist on sending gifted singers home in favor of a kid who CANNOT sing and perform. Sorry Sanjiaha (sp?), the only reason you are still there is your looks. They would appeal to the pre-pubescent girls who actually have the time to sit and vote repeatedly. Now if they vote Melinda Doolittle off in favor of a foppish wannabe, I will be assured of American ignorance for ever.
Yes Michelle, I know that the outcome will have no baring on my life, but it is music and I do have an opinion! And it's my blog and ..... whatever! It's hard to argue my point when I'm only listening to to voices in my head.
Last week was music festival. As usual, when I hear my son sing, I cry. He is so gifted. He absolutely loves to perform too. Their choir received distinction. They usually do, their director is fantastic. Adriana's choir received distinction too. She is so funny! She doesn't pay a lick of attention until she is on stage and then she behaves perfectly! Hmmm, I wonder where that comes from. I believe her voice will develop beautifully also. Miss Loewn is among the best in BC and she really works the kids over properly and makes them use the proper voice. Not to compare but... listening to the other junior choirs and then listening to ours... they are worlds apart.
Until next time, which will be soon, this is my rant for today. I hope to update you on my knitting soon. Bellywoman.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Checking in

It has been eight days since my last confession... OK that struck me funny, just humor me! On Monday I went for the sixth Monday with children at home. After I thought about it, I'm not really sure she needed to stay home. Finally on Tuesday, I was alone. YYyyyeeeeeaaaa! I went for coffee with a friend and I tried on about ten pairs of jeans and get this, they were all too big! A big plus for being really sick for a week! I also cut my hair. I got about four inches taken off and then a bunch of layers added. I like it. My hair had just gotten too long and heavy and lank. It was so healthy after I got it cut and today I went to the pool so now it is dry. WWwwaaahhh!
My family is here for the weekend. I am having so much fun. Brian and Paul are missing and I think they would like to be here. We went to the pool at the hotel and the kids were good and tired. Then we came home and made pizza. It was really good. Aunty Connie gave the twins a mega block race car. In lieu of a Dad I had to help them put it together. By the time it was done, it was 9:00 pm. Yikes! I hope they can handle everything tomorrow. It will be day 3 with the cousins and that is usually the limit before things start to fall apart. Hopefully we will be able to make it until Sunday before everything falls apart.
I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit of my life. My regular reader is here so please leave me a comment, just so I don't feel like nobody cares! Kidding, but I do love comments!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Pity Party

Today I was in a funk. I like that word. Regardless, I was in one. All day I was short tempered. Jamison stayed home AGAIN. Not that I blamed him, I was just ticked. I spent the day wondering , 'Why me?' Really, why not me. I have been very blessed by friends while I have been sick, and while not completely better, I am definitely able to do the basics. Diane brought a huge crock pot full of chili which the kids never complained one bit about. (Usually it's too hot). I had to pick up Jonathan at 3:00. He wasn't waiting where I told him to which I really wasn't surprised at since I've never told him to wait there before. Then I had to go back to the school at 4:30 to pick up the older two. They were with a choral director who was testing and giving pointers. They didn't let out until 4:45. We had to be at Vanier Hall at 6:15 to a showcase for the local school choirs. Well, we get home and wouldn't you know it, Michael got sick. Welcome a new symptom. This time a stomach thing. Yea. I rushed around trying to find someone to take Adriana. Well, she was crying because she wanted me to go with her. Reasonably enough. Finally, I got a sitter and we girls went. It was great and I must say our choir was the best. Poor Michael missed it ( he really like choir too). He was hucking. I had resolved my pity party and was waiting for the choir to start and a friend came to sit beside me. We got talking and she told me about an acquaintance who's children have been very ill. She almost lost her 6 year old to pneumonia 3 times and her older girl got scarlet fever and it damaged her ankle so for the next 4 years she will be on a walker. The mom is Bi-polar and all the stress has thrown her meds off and now she is really not doing well. Suddenly my life looks great. My children are healthy and I have absolutely nothing to feel sorry for myself about. So, tonight I realise God wasn't ignoring me, I was being self-absorbed. Now. I've fixed that problem and I so am thankful for my healthy family.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Today I spent flat on my back sick as a dog. All the kids have had this flu I think and now it is my turn. I don't know where I'd be without good friends. One friend picked up the kids from school. Another brought home subs from Subway for the kids for supper. She also took the kids to the Science Fair at school. Michael got a participant ribbon again and finally I have seen him wanting more. I see today just how great my kids are. Last night they were so helpful and tried to take care of me. Today it was every kid for himself. I couldn't feed the kids so it was whatever they could find. Jamison stayed home again today and took care of me. He is so cute and loving. He got all ready for school today and fell apart at the door. So I had company which I needed! My mom phoned too any commiserated briefly before going skiing! I'm seriously looking forward to this flu season to be over. We have been sick off and on again for almost six weeks so I'm really hoping this is over soon. Just today, I have used a whole roll of TP just blowing my nose. Yes, tissue would be softer on my nose but I forgot to buy some and now my poor nose is a nose in need indeed!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Glorious Marmot Basin

One really good way to break up the winter blues is to have a ski trip. My Aunt Connie was on a ski trip with her ski club from Nova Scotia. They went to Banff to ski the slopes there. My sister, Michelle was going to meet her in Jasper to take her home to spend time with Michelle's family. They decided to make it into a ski trip and invited me. Lucky me! My kids were still sick but Wonderful Heather and Fabulous Barbara took care of them anyway. Poor Barbara is now sick and I'm sorry, but not so sorry that I wish I'da stayed home!
I arrived in Jasper Tuesday evening and met Michelle. Together we waited for Connie. Once Connie arrived we had a toast to a wonderful holiday, of course! We went to dinner and laughed our heads off.
Wednesday started at 6:30ish. After an hour of watching dear aunty lookin' for her gloves, we went for a quick breakfast. Well, it could have been quick, I was fast but Connie and Michelle had to sip their coffee. It's been established that I have psychey scars about sitting at a table doing nothing! We made it to the mountain by about 9:00. After gearing up we hit the slopes. It had been 11 years since I skied last. Wow was that fun! It's kinda like riding a bike, it comes back pretty quick. We ski all day long and we still had to peel Michelle off the slopes. "Just one more run!"
That night we went to Jasper Lodge for dinner. I was completely unprepared. I was going on a ski trip so I packed for a ski trip. Most of my makeup was at home and so was my hair care. I was ski-ing, not looking good. Lucky for me I had thrown my black cords in the suitcase just in case. Jasper Lodge is definitely upper crust. Uncomfortable doesn't even begin to describe my feelings before I relaxed a bit. It had been ages since I've been in a situation like that. They put my napkin on my lap for cryin' out loud! After the wine began to take effect, I adjusted to the situation and enjoyed myself immensely.
Thursday was even more fun. I went on more challenging runs and conquered the mountain. Connie did trick me into one run. Although she will probably deny any memory of it, she told me that a black diamond run was a blue one. It was well worth it and definitely one of the best runs of the day. One of the chairs was so high above the ground I was freaking out. I skied until my legs threatened to give out. We started at the top and didn't stop until the bottom. What a rush!
Friday morning was sunny and crystal clear. The temptation to stay another day was strong. We had breakfast and parted ways. It was a long drive and I must say I'm glad for the rumble strips on the road side. (No Mom, you doing have to worry, I wouldn't have hit the ditch.) I was very glad to see the kids again. After the twins realized that the rules still existed and stopped pushing my buttons we were happily existing in peace. Well, as much peace as can exist in a small house with 4 kids!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sick of sick!

ARRRRRRRGGGGG!! This is my rant and I can rant if I want to! This is the fourth, yes fourth Monday that I've had sick kids at home! I'm supposed to go skiing tomorrow and meet my sister, the loyal reader, and my Tante Connie. AArrrrgggg! I want to have somebody else cook for me and clean up the bathroom after me. I Like Mondays. It is a day to move about freely without tripping over kids. I can clean and go shopping. I have one pair of pants, one. They are so worn out that I fear breakage when putting them on. I have returned 4 pairs because the darn company isn't consistent with their sizes. Yes it is them, not me! Today I was gonna go buy a pair of jeans before I go to Jasper. Oh well, I guess my snow pants will cover a multitude! I am truly grateful for the possibility of next Monday. No, I'm not wishing my life away but without hope, I would probably flip my bean for real!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Valentine

Happy Valentines Day my reader! (Michelle!) Today is a busy day for school moms. My duty was to make heart shaped Jello Jigglers. Not to difficult which was good since I don't remember volunteering. One batch flopped. How you can screw up jello is beyond me but I can! My oldest was home sick and the twins were on a day off. They were thrilled to see the leftovers from Adriana's classes Jigglers. In the bowl full of waste were some hearts that kinda flopped from the first batch. Jonathan was eating them and teasing me by bringing them to me and then gobbling them down. Little Brat! I thought he had a change of heart when he brought me one and actually gave it to me. What a sweet child, now I remember why I had so many. Aaawwww! As I pop the Jello symbol of love into my mouth, he starts to giggle. "I licked it first Mom!" he says as he runs as fast as he could to hide behind his Dad. Dad was ever so proud of his son, too! Some days I wonder what I ever did to deserve soooo many wonderful, mischievous little boys. So next time you accept a 'loving' gift from your little boys, think twice before popping anything into your mouth!

Saturday, February 3, 2007


Nothing is really missing, just my mind. But then what 's changed?! My dear sister has been nagging me to post again so this is for her! I must have been busy for the last two weeks since I didn't really have time to waste writing a blog. Paul was home for one week and the computer took it's rightful place. Every time I turned around this week something didn't go the way I planned. No surprise there. Monday, a day I personally look forward to, I had a child home sick. Tuesday I was driving on a field trip and I finished a project I've been working on since May. (More on that later) Wednesday morning I awoke to a chilly house. Not really anything out of the ordinary so I just flipped the thermostat and nothing happened. Hhhmmm, great, two kids to get off to school and I have to figure out why we have no heat. I poked and prodded around and couldn't find what was wrong. Called a friend over and he couldn't find anything either. So I had to call the pros. The twins and I were freezing our little butts off, we could actually see our breath. Finally they came and two hours later we had heat. I am very thankful for a few things. This could have happened when it was minus 30 instead of minus 16. The other thing is it was still warranty! Yea! All the repairman said was I didn't want to see the bill. I think I'll take him at his word. The rest of the week was relatively uneventful. Which was good. Today we are all sick. Now that's fun!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cross Country Skiing

It's fun being a school mom. Today we had a field trip to the local cross country ski trails. What a day! The sun was shining. The air was crisp. The company was fantastic. It's not often that I get to spend time with my first born. So many other things and kids demand my time. The ski club provided lessons for all levels. Michael was thrilled to be in the intermediate class. I was really impressed with his attitude. He didn't enjoy going up the hills, but he didn't complain as I kind of expected him to do. He did a fantastic wipe out at the bottom of a hill and got up laughing! When did my little boy grow up? How was I blessed with an awesome kid? Now, he is eager to sign up for ski lessons and he's got his little brother on board! It's a good thing Dad's got all those extra hours of over-time! Kidding, mostly! Today was a day of memories, Michael's and mine. This will be one of those day he looks back on and remembers when he has his own little kids that he is dragging around a field! I thought a lot about my Mom today. I have my own memories of skiing with her and I often wonder why she put up with my whining and bawling. If her reason was to instill a love for winter sports in me so I would spend today with my son, it was worth it. Thanks Mom!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Today was a perfect day to go sledding. After church we came home for lunch and an attempt at a nap for me which failed miserably! Not that you care but ... Anyway, so off we go. There is a great hill not to far from us. It was around minus eight or so and a light snow was falling. We had about six inches of fresh powder. It was perfect. We played for about a hour. I only went down once, but what a once it was! I went forever. Then I called Jake the dog down the hill to me. Barbara was hanging on the leash and didn't let go! He must have dragged her about 20 feet or more. She said it was a blast! Maybe it was or maybe she was trying to trick me into trying it! Now we have two in bed and two to go. We have that delicious stundness that only comes from playing out in the snow. I don't even think the remaining two will make it for the traditional viewing of AFV. What a great way to spend the day!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Twins birthday cakes

Here are the cakes! I was very happy with how they turned out. I had sparklers and candles sticking out the end of the rocket. It looked very cool but I couldn't get a picture. I had sparklers in the cannon holes of the ship too. That is about it for the artistic bent in me for now.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Boys!

Today my babies turned 6! What a day! They woke me up with a bang. No seriously, they have this infernal habit of slamming their bathroom door about 30 minutes before I need to wake up. Well, I guess it provides me the opportunity to wake up and make a decision to be cheerful anyway. They didn't have school today and were quite happy to play with their new Transformers.
I made them a pirate cake which I will post a picture when I figure out how! They chose lasagna for supper, Paul will be thrilled. Our good friends, Barbara and Heather will be joining us for dinner. Good times.
Mostly, I can't wait until bedtime. But first I need to go to the church to practise for Sunday morning. There is no rest for the wicked! Maybe tonight I will go to bed at a decent hour so I won't have to drag my butt around. Maybe I can get out in the crisp, -30 degree weather and walk the poor dog. But then there is that gift certificate for the spa... hmmm, such decisions! There's also the class cake to make for the twins... so much for the spa! That cake will be a space ship that goes along with the unit this month.
The kids are all sleeping peacefully and I am headed there too. Night everyone.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Post Script

To all you caring folks out there, yes the camera survived. Incidentally, so did the children!

Kids and Camera

Tonight the kids were getting sillier and sillier and would NOT listen. Of course things culminated in the camera, yes the new digital camera that's not even a month old, flying across the room and landing on the hardwood floor. I lost it! Bonified lost it. Joyce Meyer be darned! I yelled and ranted. Frustrated doesn't even begin to discribe my feelings! The offending party, as in the one who batted it out of the other's hand, was banished to await he's just desserts. Then as I was letting the conditions for life in my house be known to the rest, another party decided that I looked and sounded funny. He laughed. Never laugh at a ranting woman unless you are her husband whom she truely loves and it is for her benefit. If you are other than her husband and someone over who she has some authority you are in dire straites indeed. Funny, now the house is rather quiet and when I speak at least two kids listen and obey without question!


This is my opening blog. I'm sure it should be something intellegent that invites you to come read the next installment. In fact, it should have you waiting for the next posting with abaited breath. Alas and alack, I'm not too sure what I am doing here so it is a sample post. I wouldn't want to waste too much wit on something that I am unsure how it will turn out. So for now I am signing off to see how things work out.