Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cross Country Skiing

It's fun being a school mom. Today we had a field trip to the local cross country ski trails. What a day! The sun was shining. The air was crisp. The company was fantastic. It's not often that I get to spend time with my first born. So many other things and kids demand my time. The ski club provided lessons for all levels. Michael was thrilled to be in the intermediate class. I was really impressed with his attitude. He didn't enjoy going up the hills, but he didn't complain as I kind of expected him to do. He did a fantastic wipe out at the bottom of a hill and got up laughing! When did my little boy grow up? How was I blessed with an awesome kid? Now, he is eager to sign up for ski lessons and he's got his little brother on board! It's a good thing Dad's got all those extra hours of over-time! Kidding, mostly! Today was a day of memories, Michael's and mine. This will be one of those day he looks back on and remembers when he has his own little kids that he is dragging around a field! I thought a lot about my Mom today. I have my own memories of skiing with her and I often wonder why she put up with my whining and bawling. If her reason was to instill a love for winter sports in me so I would spend today with my son, it was worth it. Thanks Mom!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Today was a perfect day to go sledding. After church we came home for lunch and an attempt at a nap for me which failed miserably! Not that you care but ... Anyway, so off we go. There is a great hill not to far from us. It was around minus eight or so and a light snow was falling. We had about six inches of fresh powder. It was perfect. We played for about a hour. I only went down once, but what a once it was! I went forever. Then I called Jake the dog down the hill to me. Barbara was hanging on the leash and didn't let go! He must have dragged her about 20 feet or more. She said it was a blast! Maybe it was or maybe she was trying to trick me into trying it! Now we have two in bed and two to go. We have that delicious stundness that only comes from playing out in the snow. I don't even think the remaining two will make it for the traditional viewing of AFV. What a great way to spend the day!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Twins birthday cakes

Here are the cakes! I was very happy with how they turned out. I had sparklers and candles sticking out the end of the rocket. It looked very cool but I couldn't get a picture. I had sparklers in the cannon holes of the ship too. That is about it for the artistic bent in me for now.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Boys!

Today my babies turned 6! What a day! They woke me up with a bang. No seriously, they have this infernal habit of slamming their bathroom door about 30 minutes before I need to wake up. Well, I guess it provides me the opportunity to wake up and make a decision to be cheerful anyway. They didn't have school today and were quite happy to play with their new Transformers.
I made them a pirate cake which I will post a picture when I figure out how! They chose lasagna for supper, Paul will be thrilled. Our good friends, Barbara and Heather will be joining us for dinner. Good times.
Mostly, I can't wait until bedtime. But first I need to go to the church to practise for Sunday morning. There is no rest for the wicked! Maybe tonight I will go to bed at a decent hour so I won't have to drag my butt around. Maybe I can get out in the crisp, -30 degree weather and walk the poor dog. But then there is that gift certificate for the spa... hmmm, such decisions! There's also the class cake to make for the twins... so much for the spa! That cake will be a space ship that goes along with the unit this month.
The kids are all sleeping peacefully and I am headed there too. Night everyone.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Post Script

To all you caring folks out there, yes the camera survived. Incidentally, so did the children!

Kids and Camera

Tonight the kids were getting sillier and sillier and would NOT listen. Of course things culminated in the camera, yes the new digital camera that's not even a month old, flying across the room and landing on the hardwood floor. I lost it! Bonified lost it. Joyce Meyer be darned! I yelled and ranted. Frustrated doesn't even begin to discribe my feelings! The offending party, as in the one who batted it out of the other's hand, was banished to await he's just desserts. Then as I was letting the conditions for life in my house be known to the rest, another party decided that I looked and sounded funny. He laughed. Never laugh at a ranting woman unless you are her husband whom she truely loves and it is for her benefit. If you are other than her husband and someone over who she has some authority you are in dire straites indeed. Funny, now the house is rather quiet and when I speak at least two kids listen and obey without question!


This is my opening blog. I'm sure it should be something intellegent that invites you to come read the next installment. In fact, it should have you waiting for the next posting with abaited breath. Alas and alack, I'm not too sure what I am doing here so it is a sample post. I wouldn't want to waste too much wit on something that I am unsure how it will turn out. So for now I am signing off to see how things work out.