Monday, January 8, 2007

Kids and Camera

Tonight the kids were getting sillier and sillier and would NOT listen. Of course things culminated in the camera, yes the new digital camera that's not even a month old, flying across the room and landing on the hardwood floor. I lost it! Bonified lost it. Joyce Meyer be darned! I yelled and ranted. Frustrated doesn't even begin to discribe my feelings! The offending party, as in the one who batted it out of the other's hand, was banished to await he's just desserts. Then as I was letting the conditions for life in my house be known to the rest, another party decided that I looked and sounded funny. He laughed. Never laugh at a ranting woman unless you are her husband whom she truely loves and it is for her benefit. If you are other than her husband and someone over who she has some authority you are in dire straites indeed. Funny, now the house is rather quiet and when I speak at least two kids listen and obey without question!

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People should read this.