Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November! November is a month I'm rather partial to. It is the month that introduced me to the world and it's never been the same! In a few days, I will be 38. For some reason that sounds kinda old to me. I'm still younger than my collection of friends, not that it really matters. It's just so fun to rub in! IN just two years, I will be 40. Yikes! I know it's no big deal. I watched my friend Kim and my Sister pass that milestone this year and they seem to be taking it fine. I'm sure I'll survive just fine!
Way back in January, I alluded to certain events brewing in my head. At the time, I was too chicken to say it out loud. In September I picked up the phone and made a commitment. Scary stuff, that phone! I called the lady who is now my piano teacher. I also called the lady who is teaching me music theory, Judy. She's a big deal in my life. Judy was teaching me voice a couple of years ago. It is she who planted the idea in my head. Voice lessons were interrupted when Judy was in an accident that certainly changed her life dramatically. We have kept in touch and I called on her for input into how I should approach this next step in my life. So the big idea is.... MUSIC!!!!! I am pursuing a career in music. My goal is currently vocal with piano teaching after that. Sure wish I had applied myself when I was younger!
I love taking piano. I even like practicing. I look forward to playing really well someday! It is hard work making one's brain do things it hasn't done for years! All those little black notes are harder to read than they use to be too! I am so excited to finally be taking steps in the direction that I know I'm suppose to go. It just feels right. I think everyone is given a talent and a passion that is theirs to nurture. It is in that field that they will find success and a contentment. Now I do need to find a job to support my studies to get me to the point of generating income through music. Later! Gotta go practice.

Monday, July 5, 2010

In lieu of something profound

Well, school is over finally and we've had our long weekend. And what a weekend it was! I am one of the few adult women who enjoy camping... in a tent! I was uncomfortable and cold and not showered and I loved it. There is something so peaceful about being outside, cooking, eating, playing with the kids or watching them play, playing with fire, drinking "camping coffee", and sitting up late around the campfire watching the flames.
We were invited to a Grand Opening by some good friends of ours. Her sister and brother-in-law have an adventure company, The Outdoor Life Adventure Company. They were offering guided wildlife tours, riverboat tours, and a tour through the Ancient Forest. There was the option to camp. I latched on to that and next thing you know were all camping with the exception of "The Princess". She does not camp.
Friday noon we took off in a small caravan (can 2 vehicles be a caravan?) and drove 160 kms to Crescent Spur where Outdoor Life has carved out a small corner to share with outsiders. The campground is tucked away in the corner of a field with the river on two sides of it. We picked our spots and Paul, Michael and Karl set up camp. We set up a little cook tent too. During this process we kept a wary eye on the other people across the way, one never know what sort of people they might be...
After the inaugural cup of coffee (a "must" with Karl around) and feeding the kids sandwiches to tide them over, we started making supper. We eventually ventured over to the fire. Some of the "other people" were over there. In no time at all we were very comfortably conversing and having a great time with them.
After eating, the kids scattered. Jonathan found a bike and kept himself busy all weekend. Jamison managed to find a hornets nest and got two stings! Adriana went off with the girls and we hardly saw her at all. Much to my joy, there were two boys Michael's age there. He is often the odd man out because he is older than our friends' kids.
Backtracking a bit, Rod, the boat man, took Michael and the two boys across the river to go fishing. They had one radio and I had the other. Two hours passed and it was supper time. I called to the boys on the radio and didn't get a response. So I handed the radio to Paul for him to figure out. Paul could hear them yelling but couldn't get them on the radio. Off goes Rod in search of the boys. Poor stranded boys had gotten over there and the radio had died. A good bonding experience for sure. No fish but they saw a beaver and decided to to eat Dallas if Rod never returned. Never underestimate the ingenuity of hungry teenagers.
After a hefty consumption of s'mores, the kids were packed off to bed. Jonathan had made a bet with Karl and I that if he stayed up until 1:00 we'd each pay him $5. He tried so hard and it wasn't a fair bet since I have the power to send him to bed. When Paul showed up after 12 and made him lay down, he was very upset... and promptly fell asleep.
I made an excursion to answer the call of nature at 5:30 the next morning. It was so peaceful and glorious. I went down by the river and would love to have spent an hour drinking coffee and enjoying the solitude. Somehow sleep called me back to the tent.
There is nothing like crawling out of the tent and being handed a cup of steaming coffee. It didn't exactly happen like that but a girl can dream, can't she?! After a hearty breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon and coffee, we went on our wildlife tour. With five 9-11 year olds, sneaking up on wildlife was a bit of a joke and not likely to happen. I felt like the pied piper. Every time I tried to approach the guide to hear what he had to say, all the kids followed me and I could not escape! I'm sure he was a wealth of knowledge. Paul would know... I just enjoyed being outside walking with all the kids and seeing them have so much fun just "being". We did spot a mamma black bear with a cub while all the noisy ones (Karl and the kids) were lagging behind.
After lunch, we went to the Ancient Forest. I wish I could remember all the scientific information about it, but it was so beautiful and something I would highly recommend. There is more biomass located in that forest than in any other inland rainforest. It is one of only two inland rain forests in the world. The other one is in south america. "Ours" is the more impressive of the two. 5% of the worlds carbon store is in our rainforest. "The Princess" showed up and actually was seen hiking in the forest. Like Michael said, "I haven't ever seen her outside her house before."
While we waited for our last adventure of the day, Paul and I played with the GPS and had our first venture with geocaching. It was kinda fun and we almost missed our boat ride.
The riverboat was a blast! Rod is an extreme sportsman and known for his wild side. He's goal was to make his passengers scream. I think he was a little disappointed in that I was not getting freaked out! It was kinda fun messing with him. Ultimately, he did succeed. I was too relaxed and lost my seat and banged my arm. I confess, I screamed. I'm sure it was the pain...=D
Karl and the kids packed up and left us there for one more night. It rained. The air mattress is now just a rubber flat thing destined for recycling. Adriana and I finally went to sleep in the van at 1:00 AM so Paul could sleep on her mattress and at least one of us would get enough sleep to drive home in the morning. We woke to a wet world, fed the kids what we could without cooking and headed home.
I can't wait to do it again!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yikes a Mighty!

It has been over a year since I last posted. I'm sure no one is out there anymore. I have given renewed thoughts about blogging on a somewhat regular basis! Yeah right!
OK, so new year, new ideas or rather old ideas recycled. I have plans for this year that I'm not sure I've ever put into play before. A year ago, I had stated out loud that I wished to teach knitting classes. I love, love, love, knitting! I found out that the owner of the local yarn shop taught classes and had a teacher for them already. I kind of forgot about it early on in the year. I went to the Stitch and Bitch and generally had a good time. The lady teaching is older and has had cancer before and seems to have a reoccurrence. This is sad news. On the other hand, she wanted out of teaching the class. In December I was asked to teach! I was so excited. Still am. Today was my first class. The girls had a great time and the pattern I chose will definitely challenge and expand their knowledge. Whoo, I rock!
OK, this has been fun and refreshing, I should do it again sometime. I'm off to see Jesus Christ, Superstar tonight with my friend B. I have so many other plans rattling around in my brain. I'm not ready to spill yet, but it's coming!
If anyone is still out there , drop me a line and let me know! Thanks, K