Friday, November 28, 2008

What's with people these days?

Honestly! I've been listening to the news today, not something I usually do. What a bunch of IDIOTS! These people pretending to help rule this Country are trying to throw it under the bus! Who in their right minds would in these unstable times, try to pull what they are trying to pull? Come on! I'm no financial genius but like anyone who thinks with their head, I realize that serious things need to be taken care of. Our entire society needs to pull up it socks and become responsible for ourselves. Stop spending just so we can have stuff that complicates our lives. How many TVs does one person actually need? So Steven Harper, who we voted in not once but twice, is an economist. We have had years of Liberal spending and NDP credit card spending. What do you suppose we should do to recover? Who should we rely on to fix our country? We could be a powerful country again. We have so much to offer the world and ourselves. I really want to protest  and yell and rant and rave to get some sense into those spoilt politicians trying to destroy this country. I don't want to be answering to China or India. I AM CANADIAN!  

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My trip to the Dentist

I'm trying to keep up with my witty friend and fellow blogger, and adopted niece and... I'll stop there. She's really indescribable.  Anyway, I had to get a filling replaced today. I found out something really interesting. I'm not a nervous patient. I like my Dentist and his team. It is always a good time. Well, except for the part where my mouth is full of hands and I can't be sassy!
Anyway, after he injected the pain killer stuff, I started getting really jittery. Kinda like I was on way more coffee than is good for me. I told the assistant just because my mouth wasn't full of hands yet and I had to get some talking out. I found out that they use epinephrine in the painkiller stuff. Some of it got into my blood stream and made my heart race. The reason for this is that epinephrine shrinks that blood vessels to keep the drugs localized longer for effectiveness. Isn't that smart? I was impressed. Shortly after that, the dam was placed in my mouth and with it they lost their opportunity to teach me.    

Monday, November 17, 2008

Windows and Computers

Windows are and should be pleasant items, or at least a portal to a beautiful view. When Mr. Gates started out, I wonder if he thought about that. I'm sure when he started out he never intended to cause more headaches than he solved. He has made his gazillions and moved on I'm sure. I've heard he and his wife are good people who do lots of great things for people in need. Good for them. 
Now, for us. I recently bought a new laptop. It was a nice little laptop. I liked the graphics, the feel of the keys, the new model. I was very excited to bring it home. I had the good staff at Future Shop do the set up on it. I paid about $300 over ticket price for this handy unit. I brought it home. I connected it to the ethernet cable. Nothing happened, unless of course, you count the can of worms that opened up. Nothing was coming up. So I called my own personal geek. Well, not mine per say, my friend's husband. He talked me through several options and nothing worked. He came here on Monday and couldn't find anything. I called my IPS (internet service provider)at least once a day all week long. I made two trips to the Future Shop. I left the computer with them for an hour for testing. No surprise it worked for them. We narrowed it down, it had to be the ISP. Once again I was on the phone with them, sometimes I was speaking to someone in India, sometimes in New Brunswick. The one person I couldn't speak to was the tech. I cannot count the number of times I restarted my computer, how many times I access the command prompt. Nothing worked. Doing the same thing over and over and over gets the same results. It is pointless to tell them that I'd done it all before. At one point I was so frustrated and threaten to call the competition, the genius on the other end stated that they couldn't help because they weren't my provider. Duh! I guess some people have to have everything explained to them. 
Finally, I talked to the actual person who could help me from our ISP. We spent 1 hour and 10 minutes on the phone. We did finally break through and got connected to the internet! Yea! oh, wait! I can't use any of the sites I check everyday. No facebook, no Mary Kay site, not even hotmail. Isn't hotmail owned by microsoft? Their own site doesn't work with their software! I finally lost it! I had had enough! Still not sure what took me so long to lose it! I called Gord, the geek, he said, go buy a macbook. 
I went to Future Shop and with a firm rein on my fuming temper, I told them what was happening and what I wanted. I could tell that I wasn't believed. Do you know how many times I was told that no one has ever had a problem with Vista and Windows Onelive? Funny, it must just be me! 
I am now the proud owner of a macbook. I will never go back. I cannot believe the difference. No setup required. 
Only takes a second to start.
Everything works.
No 'thinking' time
Everyone needs a mac.