Friday, July 27, 2007


I thought I had written about my injury here and sent people here only to find it was my imagination! Sorry! OK the injury wasn't heroic and possibly even stupid. I wrote about it somewhere and haven't a clue where. Old age creeping up on me.
I went to my soccer game and when I got out of the van, I wrenched my ankle. Cleats are great on grass, not so great on pavement. SO it hurt but I walked it off. ( Maybe slightly heroic!) I then played a hard game with no spares. Meaning I played a solid 80 minutes of soccer. ( Again the heroics!) My right foot was stomped on no less than 3 times and I'm sure the left one was kicked more than once. Game over. On the way back to the van, I turned the same ankle again! As if it didn't hurt enough the first time! This was the night before we were suppose to leave for holidays. I made it home and was sore but didn't think it was worse than any other hard game. Within an hour I was in agony. I could hardly move and I was biting off Paul's head for moving even slightly and jostling me. I was on crutches for a whole day. Then I was good. Homeopathic remedies work really fast. So now I've had a real injury. Crutches and everything!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Here I am in Ft. Nelson, BC. I came up here to visit my Hunny and pick up the trailer that he is making for us so we can take more than our kids on vacation with us. You know things like a tent, cook stove and food. Nothing major, just essential. When I bought the van I wasn't thinking about going places and so I bought a Caravan rather than a Grand Caravan. It's amazing what you can't do without the Grand. So on the way up here I stopped to visit Aunty Sheesh for the night. The kids wondered at her name, asked if she was angry all the time. Sheesh! I said whatever gave you that idea! It isn't the greatest idea to stay up late taking to old friends before a 4 hour drive through nothing, They really should put a Tim Horton's somewhere between Ft. St. John and Ft. Nelson. I bought myself arguable the worst cup of coffee in Pink Mountain. Where is Pink Mtn? Well, kinda nowhere. It was suffer though a horrid coffee or risk the lives of my children as I took a brief nap while driving. Yes, Mom, I was careful! We arrive safe and sound. We are staying at some one's empty house in a beautiful location. There is a beautiful view and peace and quiet. Something we don't get to enjoy in Prince George. Oh, and the air is fresh. There are horses that Adriana is thrilled with and we are still hoping to get to go riding. She drops hints every day. When we arrived, Jonathan got pretty sick and was sick for the next 24 hours or so. He got better and then it was Jamison's turn. He is still recovering and I'm waiting for the next one! As a result, my sister doesn't necessarily want us to come visit her. Not that I blame her. It looks like I'm not leaving here until Saturday. If I go crazy and the trailer is done I might leave. If I wait until Saturday, Paul can come home with me and I won't have to drive 10 hours by myself. Despite it's isolation or maybe because of it, I am relaxing and don't seem to be in any rush to return to my home in the middle of a stinky city. It's a tough call, well not really. I need to deck of cards and the kids need their bikes and we'd be set for awhile. Don't worry Barbara, we will be home soon. And no, we still aren't moving, at least for the winter...