Friday, July 27, 2007


I thought I had written about my injury here and sent people here only to find it was my imagination! Sorry! OK the injury wasn't heroic and possibly even stupid. I wrote about it somewhere and haven't a clue where. Old age creeping up on me.
I went to my soccer game and when I got out of the van, I wrenched my ankle. Cleats are great on grass, not so great on pavement. SO it hurt but I walked it off. ( Maybe slightly heroic!) I then played a hard game with no spares. Meaning I played a solid 80 minutes of soccer. ( Again the heroics!) My right foot was stomped on no less than 3 times and I'm sure the left one was kicked more than once. Game over. On the way back to the van, I turned the same ankle again! As if it didn't hurt enough the first time! This was the night before we were suppose to leave for holidays. I made it home and was sore but didn't think it was worse than any other hard game. Within an hour I was in agony. I could hardly move and I was biting off Paul's head for moving even slightly and jostling me. I was on crutches for a whole day. Then I was good. Homeopathic remedies work really fast. So now I've had a real injury. Crutches and everything!

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Anonymous said...

Heroics, indeed, but I don't think it qualifies if you didn't need the crutches for more than a few hours--that just sounds like drama! ;-) md