Monday, December 8, 2008


We are moving. Seriously, we are moving in two weeks. Five days before Christmas. Who in their right minds would add something else into an already chaotic month? Apparently us! We have been wanting a bigger house for a while. We've seriously outgrown our current house. Paul and I went looking on Saturday and saw THE house and made an offer. We finally had all the kinks worked out by noon today. What a relief! So now I will begin packing like a mad woman and do all the other busyness associated with the blessed Christmas season and on Christmas day my new house will be filled with the delicious smell of Golden Turkey, Pumpkin Pie and peaceful children pleased to be in their new bedrooms, which incidentally they are getting for Christmas! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Friday, November 28, 2008

What's with people these days?

Honestly! I've been listening to the news today, not something I usually do. What a bunch of IDIOTS! These people pretending to help rule this Country are trying to throw it under the bus! Who in their right minds would in these unstable times, try to pull what they are trying to pull? Come on! I'm no financial genius but like anyone who thinks with their head, I realize that serious things need to be taken care of. Our entire society needs to pull up it socks and become responsible for ourselves. Stop spending just so we can have stuff that complicates our lives. How many TVs does one person actually need? So Steven Harper, who we voted in not once but twice, is an economist. We have had years of Liberal spending and NDP credit card spending. What do you suppose we should do to recover? Who should we rely on to fix our country? We could be a powerful country again. We have so much to offer the world and ourselves. I really want to protest  and yell and rant and rave to get some sense into those spoilt politicians trying to destroy this country. I don't want to be answering to China or India. I AM CANADIAN!  

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My trip to the Dentist

I'm trying to keep up with my witty friend and fellow blogger, and adopted niece and... I'll stop there. She's really indescribable.  Anyway, I had to get a filling replaced today. I found out something really interesting. I'm not a nervous patient. I like my Dentist and his team. It is always a good time. Well, except for the part where my mouth is full of hands and I can't be sassy!
Anyway, after he injected the pain killer stuff, I started getting really jittery. Kinda like I was on way more coffee than is good for me. I told the assistant just because my mouth wasn't full of hands yet and I had to get some talking out. I found out that they use epinephrine in the painkiller stuff. Some of it got into my blood stream and made my heart race. The reason for this is that epinephrine shrinks that blood vessels to keep the drugs localized longer for effectiveness. Isn't that smart? I was impressed. Shortly after that, the dam was placed in my mouth and with it they lost their opportunity to teach me.    

Monday, November 17, 2008

Windows and Computers

Windows are and should be pleasant items, or at least a portal to a beautiful view. When Mr. Gates started out, I wonder if he thought about that. I'm sure when he started out he never intended to cause more headaches than he solved. He has made his gazillions and moved on I'm sure. I've heard he and his wife are good people who do lots of great things for people in need. Good for them. 
Now, for us. I recently bought a new laptop. It was a nice little laptop. I liked the graphics, the feel of the keys, the new model. I was very excited to bring it home. I had the good staff at Future Shop do the set up on it. I paid about $300 over ticket price for this handy unit. I brought it home. I connected it to the ethernet cable. Nothing happened, unless of course, you count the can of worms that opened up. Nothing was coming up. So I called my own personal geek. Well, not mine per say, my friend's husband. He talked me through several options and nothing worked. He came here on Monday and couldn't find anything. I called my IPS (internet service provider)at least once a day all week long. I made two trips to the Future Shop. I left the computer with them for an hour for testing. No surprise it worked for them. We narrowed it down, it had to be the ISP. Once again I was on the phone with them, sometimes I was speaking to someone in India, sometimes in New Brunswick. The one person I couldn't speak to was the tech. I cannot count the number of times I restarted my computer, how many times I access the command prompt. Nothing worked. Doing the same thing over and over and over gets the same results. It is pointless to tell them that I'd done it all before. At one point I was so frustrated and threaten to call the competition, the genius on the other end stated that they couldn't help because they weren't my provider. Duh! I guess some people have to have everything explained to them. 
Finally, I talked to the actual person who could help me from our ISP. We spent 1 hour and 10 minutes on the phone. We did finally break through and got connected to the internet! Yea! oh, wait! I can't use any of the sites I check everyday. No facebook, no Mary Kay site, not even hotmail. Isn't hotmail owned by microsoft? Their own site doesn't work with their software! I finally lost it! I had had enough! Still not sure what took me so long to lose it! I called Gord, the geek, he said, go buy a macbook. 
I went to Future Shop and with a firm rein on my fuming temper, I told them what was happening and what I wanted. I could tell that I wasn't believed. Do you know how many times I was told that no one has ever had a problem with Vista and Windows Onelive? Funny, it must just be me! 
I am now the proud owner of a macbook. I will never go back. I cannot believe the difference. No setup required. 
Only takes a second to start.
Everything works.
No 'thinking' time
Everyone needs a mac.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


What weird month for me. I spent the month exhausting myself, trying to validate me. The thing is, I don't need to. I am me and that's all that matters. I am a mother. I have a job. The pay stinks, but I am needed. When I was chasing my validation, I was pushing my agenda not my passions. I wanted to say, I'm Kelly, the student or the school bus driver or whatever. I gotta say, those are just words that don't actually change what or who I am. See, in some ways, I'm living my dream. All I wanted to be when I was a kid was a wife and mom. Guess what I am? See, that's living the dream. Now I'd like to add a few things to that and I can. I need to add things that fit. My kids need a mom full time. It is a noble, exhausting, frustration, underrated, underpaid profession but they say the grandchildren are worth it. I do have a part time business that I can work that won't hurt my family and will be good for me. So work it I shall. I will also keep making those lunches that come home half eaten. (That really bugs me) I will keep cleaning up after the kids. I will keep trying to get eternal messages through the thick skulls of my kids. They say that pays off too!
There is a great song out there called "I'm Letting Go" by Francesca Battistelli. It's my song.

Monday, September 8, 2008

It is finished

OK, remember my post from last week? Remember the stress that I was enduring? Well, guess what? I stinkin' quit! That's right, quit! And I don't even feel bad. I sat in the first 3 minutes of math class and decided that I didn't want to try to catch up 10 days of work. So I walked out. I went to Chemistry. I sat through the whole class. I need to do catch up for this too since I started so late. I'm sitting there thinking about my reason for being there. There in lies the problem. I don't have a reason. I did have a reason, but then reason got in the way and that reason left me. (Are you following?) For now, the life of the college student, is not for me. Surely there is something out there for me that doesn't involve math. I'm smart enough. I can do lots of things. Darnit! There really otta' be a school for mothers utilizing all our skills and putting it in the proper lingo to get us a great paying job.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Keeping Current

All my lofty promises of being a better blogger have gone by the wayside as I'm sure have my 3 faithful readers. My life has been so full these last few weeks that I must write something down lest I burst. School has started this week for the kids...and me! What kinda' crazy person finally gets the house to herself and then enrolls in college? Well, obviously me. Today, I thought I was an idiot to have done such a thing. I have to do College and Career Preparation. All that means is all those years of chomping at the bit to get out of school were largely futile. Lovely. I had to take a placement test and made it to grade 11 math. I cried through it the first time I took it. Guess what? I looked at it today, and I cried again.
Yesterday was actually the first day for me. I spent most of the day running up and down and all around to try to get into the classes that I wanted to (or thought I did!) I signed up for the Chemistry 045 (Gr. 11) and got it be in the lab. I was exited even though it was just teaching basic safety. I have very little patience when having to listen to common sense being taught, but the thrill of being in the lab made even that interesting. I have always wanted to be in the lab.
I also have to take Math 045. I like some math, but some of it is so abstract to me that, well, I cry! The class I signed up for was self-directed and very difficult since there aren't any lectures. There is a teacher there for help, but I have a feeling that she would begin to shake her head if I started asking for help in the way that I feel I need it.
Today dawns bright and beautiful and I have a sick child that needs to stay home. I have already missed about 10 days of classes because of the late start I'm getting. (Do you feel my stress level raising?) I take the kids to school and sit down to do my math. I'm looking at it and I see how simple this section is. Basically, it's refreshing what you already know. Only, I don't get it. Rational numbers? Irrational numbers? It all sound bloody irrational to me. I'm sleep deprived and I have a little person chattering to me (one that is usually not chatty) and I'm so overwhelmed that I want to quit. I know that I cannot do this. I'm not a quitter, but this is crazy.
I had a meeting with my Chemistry teacher at 10. I had to get a friend to watch the child and go to the college to pick up my materials. My teacher is a man. I started to ask him some basic questions about the importance of doing what I am doing. (My original goal of lab tech may not be something I'm willing to do because of the intensity, having a family etc.) Of all the things to do, I start to bawl. I HATE bawling in public. I don't even know this guy, I met him less than 24hours before and I'm bawling out my problems... Oh the humiliation! This must have happened before because he took it all in stride, didn't even get that funny look most men get when faced with a crying woman. He talked some sense into me and set me on a better road than Math 045. I'll be taking Math 044. Then when i am confident about that, I can move on. So tomorrow, I will once again set off for the invigorating halls of CNC, knowing that I'm not crazy, at least not entirely, and I can do this and I won't be wasting my time.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Dear Son

My dear son, Michael, is at the cusp of his teen years. His brain cells are starting to receive testosterone and, having no idea what to do with it all, they die. In the process, he is very forgetful and spacey. He regularly forgets homework, due dates and other important things. On of these things happens to be his ukulele. As a result, the boy is failing music. This is a gifted child, one who has the potential to actually make money in the music industry.
This morning I had a couple of extra hours that I was going to spend drinking tea and eating chocolate. I was looking forward to this peaceful time with all that was in me. There is yet another Pro D day at school tomorrow so there was an extra push to have peace and quiet time. I took the kids to school early and couldn't wait for the van door to close behind them. As Michael is getting out of the van, he remembers today is Thursday, a ukulele day. The bottom sorta drops out of his day. He had just been given a talking to about failing etc. So I said the typical lecture-y things they never listen to and drive away. Since I'm not a fierce as I'd like to think I am, I went home and got his ukulele and took it to him. (Incidental, another mom did the same thing twice this week!) He was never so happy to see me in his life. I took him a mocha too because I thought he needed something special to get him through today.
My tea time never actually materialized. I had to go pick up Paul too. As I was getting ready to go to work, I grabbed the towel to wipe the steam off the bathroom mirror. As I looked up at the mirror, I saw a note that had been written for me this morning. "We love you, Mom" had been written in the steam even before we left for school. This message was such a treat for me. I never did wipe off the mirror. I can't wait to read it again next time I shower. It is a quiet reminder to me to take a moment and remember the little things.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ravelry Rocks

Every now and again, I get bored with the usual haunts on the web. Facebook is great but there's only so much info one can absorb and I'm really tired of the applications. I get tired of clicking on 'ignore' when invited and the little twinge of guilt when I ignore my friends. Sorry guys, but it's true. Ringo is so last season and I'm tired of the offensive advertising. Besides it is really slow and facebook can do everything ringo can.
Knitting is my other passion/obsession. Recently, I have discovered Ravelry. It is a site designed for knitters and crocheters. I can look all day and NEVER reach the end. There are so many things to click on and those things open up even more things to click on! Yippee!
So all you people out there, send me your 'on line time wasters' and see if I can join the madness!

Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm not sure what the word 'Honours' means to you, but to me it has a whole new connotation. My son (11) and I sang at the Music Festival. What an experience! We had chosen 'Pie Jesu' from Requim by A. L. Webber with the help of Michael's choir teacher. We worked on it for only nine days. We weren't being slack, it was just the time frame we had to work with.

After nine days we performed in front of competitors, teachers and their families. We had to introduce ourselves and Michael baled on me so I did it. The thing is, I don't speak in front of people. I think I could sing in Carnegie Hall, but just don't ask me to speak. So I introduced us and the adjudicator asked what our relationship to each other was. You'd think admitting that he was my son would fill me with pride and it does for sure. It also fills me with tears when I'm in front of people. Crap! The music has started and I'm almost losin' it. I'm suppose to look like a professional or at least have some modicum of decorum. Now I'm worrying about the drip I'm sure is hangin' on the end of my nose! With many quick prayers sent heavenward, I managed to sing and get in the groove.

If I may say myself, Astounding! I am blown away with the gift my son has. The church we were in was an old one, and full of wood. The resonance was superior by far to any electrically amplified music. For all our efforts we were given 'Honours'. Many in the room were brought to tears. Even the adjudicator was short on comments. She told me to get Michael's voice recorded before it changes.

Since then, we have performed again at a Gala and have been asked to perform another song at Christmas time. Now, if he voice doesn't change we may have a career...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


To all my loyal readers that still wander back to see if I have posted anything, here it is! Spring is finally on it's way. The sun shines regularly and actually throws off some heat. Life is extremely busy right now. The music festival is next week and preparations are adding an extra busyness to my life. This year I am taking a step back into the festival. When I was in school, I sang in the festival. Now this year I have the opportunity to sing with my son Michael. He has a beautiful voice and loves to use it. Together we will be singing, Pie Jesu from Requiem by A. L. Webber. I will try to post the performance if I can. I'm really excited and terribly nervous, wondering if we will be able to pull it off. Pray for us!!
I have found a piano!!! With in a week we will be able to actually play and teach my kids, or have someone else teach them! I got it for a great price and moving it will be a challenge but still a great deal. Can't wait!
My busy life is calling me again! Later!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I shake my head realizing that I sat down to write this letter about two hours ago! My, time flies when I get distracted on Facebook. It’s all those games of Scrabulous that I work so hard to lose!

Merry Christmas everyone! I am really enjoying this season more than I remember in the past few years. Maybe that is because for the first time in years I have headspace. My children are all in school full time now and it has been a wonderful experience for all of us.

We are coming out of a deep freeze. For the past week or two in has been between –25 to –30 degrees. We have the most beautiful snow and I hope it stays for Christmas. For the last two years we haven’t had any snow at Christmas so I’m hoping for this year.

This week we are busy preparing for the Christmas program. We are so blessed to have a Christmas program that actually shares the story of Christ’s birth. This is Michael’s last year to be involved and then he’ll be in Junior High. (GASP!) It is definitely a highlight of the program when our son sings. He has a gift and still loves to sing. His voice soars with crystal clarity and gives me the chills.

Aside from preparing for Christmas, Michael is busy in grade six. This year he started playing volleyball and was the season’s most improved player. He works really hard and will become a good player. In September, he started Tae Kwon Do and loves it. It has been very good for him on many levels. I have found that making him do push-ups for sassing me works well. So Tae Kwon Do has been helpful for me too! He is a fantastic kid.

Adriana is in grade four and working really hard. She started gymnastics last February recreationally and was asked to do Interclub. (Sort of between competitive and recreational) In September she started Interclub and has progressed at a rapid pace. She has achieved three badges and is working on her fourth in one session. That is huge. In February she has been asked by her coach to do a pre-competitive class where they up the training and expect harder work. She has yet to be disinterested and her coach says that she is quite competitive. Every time the bar is set higher by her teammates, she goes for it. She is still as sweet as ever.

The precocious twins are almost seven! Can you believe it? I can hardly believe/remember it! School is a great and they quite enjoy it. They are working very hard. Bless the teacher, she has her hands full of rambunctious boys and a few girls that are right in there too. They have yet to join any extra-curricular activity. I can’t figure out how I can get them all in a different direction at the same time! Jonathan really wants to learn Hip-Hop dance. If we ever sign him up he’ll be good at it! Jamison has yet to show a real interest in any one activity. He loves to draw and will spend hours drawing with great detail. The two on them still keep my head spinning in circles.

Paul is working very hard in Fort Nelson. He is working as a Heavy Duty Mechanic. While he doesn’t necessarily enjoy the work, it is going well. He misses us and we miss him. He is home one week a month and that week is really great. He loves the area around Ft. Nelly, not that he gets out very much! He works really hard and then comes home and sleeps for a whole day!

Between bussing the kids to school and all their activities I have still managed to have fun for me! I play badminton twice a week with ladies ranging from 29 to 84 years old. (Maybe three of us are under 45) It is surprisingly tough! What the seniors lack in agility they make up for in cunning. I will NEVER say “sweet” and “little old lady” in the same sentence again! I was attempting to go back to school this fall. Our local college has a lab technologist course that I’d love to take. I basically have to redo grades 11 and 12. I am finding it difficult to fit that into my life. The fun is getting in the way! There are so many things that I need to do. We are hoping to sell our house in the spring and buy something farther out of town and more to our needs. Just getting the house painted could take me until spring!

I hope this Christmas season finds you well and filled with all the wonderful treasures of the season. Take time to slow down and spend it with those you love. Love and laugh more than you have all year. When you feast, throw your heart into it.
Love the Minard Family, Paul, Kelly, Michael, Adriana, Jonathan and Jamison. (Jake the dog and Bandit the cat)