Tuesday, February 19, 2008


To all my loyal readers that still wander back to see if I have posted anything, here it is! Spring is finally on it's way. The sun shines regularly and actually throws off some heat. Life is extremely busy right now. The music festival is next week and preparations are adding an extra busyness to my life. This year I am taking a step back into the festival. When I was in school, I sang in the festival. Now this year I have the opportunity to sing with my son Michael. He has a beautiful voice and loves to use it. Together we will be singing, Pie Jesu from Requiem by A. L. Webber. I will try to post the performance if I can. I'm really excited and terribly nervous, wondering if we will be able to pull it off. Pray for us!!
I have found a piano!!! With in a week we will be able to actually play and teach my kids, or have someone else teach them! I got it for a great price and moving it will be a challenge but still a great deal. Can't wait!
My busy life is calling me again! Later!!

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Hil-roy, otherwise known as Hillary said...

Knock 'em dead at the Festival! I'm excited to see hear how it goes... And I DO still check your blog. A faithful blog-checker, Hillary is ;)