Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm not sure what the word 'Honours' means to you, but to me it has a whole new connotation. My son (11) and I sang at the Music Festival. What an experience! We had chosen 'Pie Jesu' from Requim by A. L. Webber with the help of Michael's choir teacher. We worked on it for only nine days. We weren't being slack, it was just the time frame we had to work with.

After nine days we performed in front of competitors, teachers and their families. We had to introduce ourselves and Michael baled on me so I did it. The thing is, I don't speak in front of people. I think I could sing in Carnegie Hall, but just don't ask me to speak. So I introduced us and the adjudicator asked what our relationship to each other was. You'd think admitting that he was my son would fill me with pride and it does for sure. It also fills me with tears when I'm in front of people. Crap! The music has started and I'm almost losin' it. I'm suppose to look like a professional or at least have some modicum of decorum. Now I'm worrying about the drip I'm sure is hangin' on the end of my nose! With many quick prayers sent heavenward, I managed to sing and get in the groove.

If I may say myself, Astounding! I am blown away with the gift my son has. The church we were in was an old one, and full of wood. The resonance was superior by far to any electrically amplified music. For all our efforts we were given 'Honours'. Many in the room were brought to tears. Even the adjudicator was short on comments. She told me to get Michael's voice recorded before it changes.

Since then, we have performed again at a Gala and have been asked to perform another song at Christmas time. Now, if he voice doesn't change we may have a career...

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haidi said...

Kelly, I am so happy for you, that you have the joy of singing with your son! I can't believe he is 11. As you can tell, I don't get on hear very often, but it is good to hear a bit about your life.
Keep it up, mamma! Haidi