Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Dear Son

My dear son, Michael, is at the cusp of his teen years. His brain cells are starting to receive testosterone and, having no idea what to do with it all, they die. In the process, he is very forgetful and spacey. He regularly forgets homework, due dates and other important things. On of these things happens to be his ukulele. As a result, the boy is failing music. This is a gifted child, one who has the potential to actually make money in the music industry.
This morning I had a couple of extra hours that I was going to spend drinking tea and eating chocolate. I was looking forward to this peaceful time with all that was in me. There is yet another Pro D day at school tomorrow so there was an extra push to have peace and quiet time. I took the kids to school early and couldn't wait for the van door to close behind them. As Michael is getting out of the van, he remembers today is Thursday, a ukulele day. The bottom sorta drops out of his day. He had just been given a talking to about failing etc. So I said the typical lecture-y things they never listen to and drive away. Since I'm not a fierce as I'd like to think I am, I went home and got his ukulele and took it to him. (Incidental, another mom did the same thing twice this week!) He was never so happy to see me in his life. I took him a mocha too because I thought he needed something special to get him through today.
My tea time never actually materialized. I had to go pick up Paul too. As I was getting ready to go to work, I grabbed the towel to wipe the steam off the bathroom mirror. As I looked up at the mirror, I saw a note that had been written for me this morning. "We love you, Mom" had been written in the steam even before we left for school. This message was such a treat for me. I never did wipe off the mirror. I can't wait to read it again next time I shower. It is a quiet reminder to me to take a moment and remember the little things.

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