Thursday, March 1, 2007

Pity Party

Today I was in a funk. I like that word. Regardless, I was in one. All day I was short tempered. Jamison stayed home AGAIN. Not that I blamed him, I was just ticked. I spent the day wondering , 'Why me?' Really, why not me. I have been very blessed by friends while I have been sick, and while not completely better, I am definitely able to do the basics. Diane brought a huge crock pot full of chili which the kids never complained one bit about. (Usually it's too hot). I had to pick up Jonathan at 3:00. He wasn't waiting where I told him to which I really wasn't surprised at since I've never told him to wait there before. Then I had to go back to the school at 4:30 to pick up the older two. They were with a choral director who was testing and giving pointers. They didn't let out until 4:45. We had to be at Vanier Hall at 6:15 to a showcase for the local school choirs. Well, we get home and wouldn't you know it, Michael got sick. Welcome a new symptom. This time a stomach thing. Yea. I rushed around trying to find someone to take Adriana. Well, she was crying because she wanted me to go with her. Reasonably enough. Finally, I got a sitter and we girls went. It was great and I must say our choir was the best. Poor Michael missed it ( he really like choir too). He was hucking. I had resolved my pity party and was waiting for the choir to start and a friend came to sit beside me. We got talking and she told me about an acquaintance who's children have been very ill. She almost lost her 6 year old to pneumonia 3 times and her older girl got scarlet fever and it damaged her ankle so for the next 4 years she will be on a walker. The mom is Bi-polar and all the stress has thrown her meds off and now she is really not doing well. Suddenly my life looks great. My children are healthy and I have absolutely nothing to feel sorry for myself about. So, tonight I realise God wasn't ignoring me, I was being self-absorbed. Now. I've fixed that problem and I so am thankful for my healthy family.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Totally uplifting! Love you, M

Anonymous said...

Thank you, my life seems much nicer now.