Friday, March 9, 2007

Checking in

It has been eight days since my last confession... OK that struck me funny, just humor me! On Monday I went for the sixth Monday with children at home. After I thought about it, I'm not really sure she needed to stay home. Finally on Tuesday, I was alone. YYyyyeeeeeaaaa! I went for coffee with a friend and I tried on about ten pairs of jeans and get this, they were all too big! A big plus for being really sick for a week! I also cut my hair. I got about four inches taken off and then a bunch of layers added. I like it. My hair had just gotten too long and heavy and lank. It was so healthy after I got it cut and today I went to the pool so now it is dry. WWwwaaahhh!
My family is here for the weekend. I am having so much fun. Brian and Paul are missing and I think they would like to be here. We went to the pool at the hotel and the kids were good and tired. Then we came home and made pizza. It was really good. Aunty Connie gave the twins a mega block race car. In lieu of a Dad I had to help them put it together. By the time it was done, it was 9:00 pm. Yikes! I hope they can handle everything tomorrow. It will be day 3 with the cousins and that is usually the limit before things start to fall apart. Hopefully we will be able to make it until Sunday before everything falls apart.
I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit of my life. My regular reader is here so please leave me a comment, just so I don't feel like nobody cares! Kidding, but I do love comments!


Hil-roy, otherwise known as Hillary said...

Wow! Your Aunty Connie is still there! It's a big party at your house...hope you're still sane after the weekend of 7 kids!

Anonymous said...

Your regular reader is home now and checking your blog....and the kids made it just fine, didn't they??? Good thing I didn't get snowed in and push it for another day though! Thanks for having us, cooking all those awesome meals....and for having wonderful kids! :)