Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My life today

I've been feeling inspired to write and I almost had something to talk about. I'm almost completely finished my Celtic poncho. I made the knot and I sewed it all on... and it was CROOKED!!!!! SO I cut it all off and will go visit my knitting person tomorrow. Maybe then I will be able to post with all the enthusiasm I can muster.
As for now, I am going to rant...about something as trivial as TV. American Idol and the ungifted American public! They insist on sending gifted singers home in favor of a kid who CANNOT sing and perform. Sorry Sanjiaha (sp?), the only reason you are still there is your looks. They would appeal to the pre-pubescent girls who actually have the time to sit and vote repeatedly. Now if they vote Melinda Doolittle off in favor of a foppish wannabe, I will be assured of American ignorance for ever.
Yes Michelle, I know that the outcome will have no baring on my life, but it is music and I do have an opinion! And it's my blog and ..... whatever! It's hard to argue my point when I'm only listening to to voices in my head.
Last week was music festival. As usual, when I hear my son sing, I cry. He is so gifted. He absolutely loves to perform too. Their choir received distinction. They usually do, their director is fantastic. Adriana's choir received distinction too. She is so funny! She doesn't pay a lick of attention until she is on stage and then she behaves perfectly! Hmmm, I wonder where that comes from. I believe her voice will develop beautifully also. Miss Loewn is among the best in BC and she really works the kids over properly and makes them use the proper voice. Not to compare but... listening to the other junior choirs and then listening to ours... they are worlds apart.
Until next time, which will be soon, this is my rant for today. I hope to update you on my knitting soon. Bellywoman.


Anonymous said...

Awesome blog! Really savory word choices, had to reread it just to taste them again! (I'm serious) :P
I heard on a US radio stn that there's a conspiracy to bring down Amr Idol by voting for someone who can't sing??? See, it's a conspiracy and you're not the only one talking about it! M

Hil-roy, otherwise known as Hillary said...

YESS!!! Sanjaha is horrid. But his hair is hilarious! My favourite is Melinda Doolittle. Man, she can sing!!! All the best with your child prodigy singers! Next time I see you and your kids, I want to hear them sing!