Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Today I spent flat on my back sick as a dog. All the kids have had this flu I think and now it is my turn. I don't know where I'd be without good friends. One friend picked up the kids from school. Another brought home subs from Subway for the kids for supper. She also took the kids to the Science Fair at school. Michael got a participant ribbon again and finally I have seen him wanting more. I see today just how great my kids are. Last night they were so helpful and tried to take care of me. Today it was every kid for himself. I couldn't feed the kids so it was whatever they could find. Jamison stayed home again today and took care of me. He is so cute and loving. He got all ready for school today and fell apart at the door. So I had company which I needed! My mom phoned too any commiserated briefly before going skiing! I'm seriously looking forward to this flu season to be over. We have been sick off and on again for almost six weeks so I'm really hoping this is over soon. Just today, I have used a whole roll of TP just blowing my nose. Yes, tissue would be softer on my nose but I forgot to buy some and now my poor nose is a nose in need indeed!

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