Saturday, February 3, 2007


Nothing is really missing, just my mind. But then what 's changed?! My dear sister has been nagging me to post again so this is for her! I must have been busy for the last two weeks since I didn't really have time to waste writing a blog. Paul was home for one week and the computer took it's rightful place. Every time I turned around this week something didn't go the way I planned. No surprise there. Monday, a day I personally look forward to, I had a child home sick. Tuesday I was driving on a field trip and I finished a project I've been working on since May. (More on that later) Wednesday morning I awoke to a chilly house. Not really anything out of the ordinary so I just flipped the thermostat and nothing happened. Hhhmmm, great, two kids to get off to school and I have to figure out why we have no heat. I poked and prodded around and couldn't find what was wrong. Called a friend over and he couldn't find anything either. So I had to call the pros. The twins and I were freezing our little butts off, we could actually see our breath. Finally they came and two hours later we had heat. I am very thankful for a few things. This could have happened when it was minus 30 instead of minus 16. The other thing is it was still warranty! Yea! All the repairman said was I didn't want to see the bill. I think I'll take him at his word. The rest of the week was relatively uneventful. Which was good. Today we are all sick. Now that's fun!


The Clarks said...

Yikes - that is cold! We've had our furnace act up in the winter lots, but we never got cold enough to see our breath, thankfully! I'm glad it was under warranty or I bet your post would have been worded a lot more, um, strongly!!!

Anonymous said...

You poor woman! A tough life AND a nagging sister! Love ya ;)