Saturday, February 24, 2007

Glorious Marmot Basin

One really good way to break up the winter blues is to have a ski trip. My Aunt Connie was on a ski trip with her ski club from Nova Scotia. They went to Banff to ski the slopes there. My sister, Michelle was going to meet her in Jasper to take her home to spend time with Michelle's family. They decided to make it into a ski trip and invited me. Lucky me! My kids were still sick but Wonderful Heather and Fabulous Barbara took care of them anyway. Poor Barbara is now sick and I'm sorry, but not so sorry that I wish I'da stayed home!
I arrived in Jasper Tuesday evening and met Michelle. Together we waited for Connie. Once Connie arrived we had a toast to a wonderful holiday, of course! We went to dinner and laughed our heads off.
Wednesday started at 6:30ish. After an hour of watching dear aunty lookin' for her gloves, we went for a quick breakfast. Well, it could have been quick, I was fast but Connie and Michelle had to sip their coffee. It's been established that I have psychey scars about sitting at a table doing nothing! We made it to the mountain by about 9:00. After gearing up we hit the slopes. It had been 11 years since I skied last. Wow was that fun! It's kinda like riding a bike, it comes back pretty quick. We ski all day long and we still had to peel Michelle off the slopes. "Just one more run!"
That night we went to Jasper Lodge for dinner. I was completely unprepared. I was going on a ski trip so I packed for a ski trip. Most of my makeup was at home and so was my hair care. I was ski-ing, not looking good. Lucky for me I had thrown my black cords in the suitcase just in case. Jasper Lodge is definitely upper crust. Uncomfortable doesn't even begin to describe my feelings before I relaxed a bit. It had been ages since I've been in a situation like that. They put my napkin on my lap for cryin' out loud! After the wine began to take effect, I adjusted to the situation and enjoyed myself immensely.
Thursday was even more fun. I went on more challenging runs and conquered the mountain. Connie did trick me into one run. Although she will probably deny any memory of it, she told me that a black diamond run was a blue one. It was well worth it and definitely one of the best runs of the day. One of the chairs was so high above the ground I was freaking out. I skied until my legs threatened to give out. We started at the top and didn't stop until the bottom. What a rush!
Friday morning was sunny and crystal clear. The temptation to stay another day was strong. We had breakfast and parted ways. It was a long drive and I must say I'm glad for the rumble strips on the road side. (No Mom, you doing have to worry, I wouldn't have hit the ditch.) I was very glad to see the kids again. After the twins realized that the rules still existed and stopped pushing my buttons we were happily existing in peace. Well, as much peace as can exist in a small house with 4 kids!


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, very nice Kelly! You almost have me packing my bags! If I had the energy to find them. I am SO glad you finally got a were long past deserving one. Thank you Aunt Connie - you sweet thing you!

keep on blogging kel, this is better than TV! - suz.

Anonymous said...

For the record, Kelly, I read your blog...Michelle told me to write that. Anyway, it's a little easier to imagine you and Michelle skiing with the pictures you provided. Yay for skiing with all the young university students! You should make it an annual trip...

BellyWoman's Rant said...

Thanks Hillary! Now I know I have at least 2 readers!

jazzphiles said...

SO glad you got to conquer the mountain you you... hippy chick you. Haidi