Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Valentine

Happy Valentines Day my reader! (Michelle!) Today is a busy day for school moms. My duty was to make heart shaped Jello Jigglers. Not to difficult which was good since I don't remember volunteering. One batch flopped. How you can screw up jello is beyond me but I can! My oldest was home sick and the twins were on a day off. They were thrilled to see the leftovers from Adriana's classes Jigglers. In the bowl full of waste were some hearts that kinda flopped from the first batch. Jonathan was eating them and teasing me by bringing them to me and then gobbling them down. Little Brat! I thought he had a change of heart when he brought me one and actually gave it to me. What a sweet child, now I remember why I had so many. Aaawwww! As I pop the Jello symbol of love into my mouth, he starts to giggle. "I licked it first Mom!" he says as he runs as fast as he could to hide behind his Dad. Dad was ever so proud of his son, too! Some days I wonder what I ever did to deserve soooo many wonderful, mischievous little boys. So next time you accept a 'loving' gift from your little boys, think twice before popping anything into your mouth!

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Anonymous said...

I love it!! Truly classic--but I don't want Devin hanging around them and "learning" things. Like that would really make a difference! Love ya, M