Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Life

If I have any readers left, please accept my apology for the neglect. I haven't been feeling very inspired and my life doesn't seem as tragic or something. I am finally free. My children are all in school now and I am trying to adjust to my new life. I think I smile all day and go our lots. My goal for next week is to stay home and get things done. We'll see!

School is going well. Tae Kwon Do has started for one child and gymnastics and dance will start tomorrow for the other one. The little two are still waiting for their activity. I can't seem to find a good fit for them and me. Maybe we'll just do swim lessons for them this year and they can wait until they're older for the extra things. I seem to be on the road all afternoon as it is now.

I am starting school next week. I'm not sure yet how many years I'll have to re-do. The placement test wasn't as scary as I thought. I know I have to do Math 12, English 12, Biology 12, and chemistry 11 and 12. Oh my sucky schooling. Or maybe it is my lofty aspirations! Maybe I should just be a mom... nah! That's not that fun. My brain needs to be used. It is amazing how quickly some of the basics come back when you refresh.

For now, I drink tea, coffee go for lunch....whatever.

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ann said...

Hey Kelly glad to see you are again entering the world of academia. Are you taking courses to finish up high school.. If so are planning to take a certain course...way to go