Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have a problem. A discipline problem. I wish a simple spanking would fix it. You see the problem is ME! I should be knitting. I need to finish my mom's birthday present. I gave it to her on her birthday and need to finish it by Wednesday of next week. It is this darned computer. I can space out playing games and watching TV rather than being productive. What a bum. You see, I bought the kids these stuffies called 'Webkinz'. There is a website that has games that I can play and since I can sit here on the couch and play, I can do it all night. I can 'earn' kinzcash. Then the kids can spend the cash on food and clothing for the virtual version of their pet. It can be addicting. One good thing is every night about this time they shut down to do maintenance on their site. Rather than picking up my knitting and being productive, I'm blogging! Man, I sound like I really need help! AAAARRRRGGGG! Don't turn me in yet, I still need to finish mom's shawl!

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