Sunday, April 29, 2007


Here it is! My Discipline Problem solved! This is a shawl that I knitted for my mom. I've been working on this off and on since October. She doesn't want to call it a shawl and the pattern actually called it a "cozy" so it is her cozy. In the first picture I am 'blocking' it. Basically steaming it and letting it dry completely so it keeps the right shape. Second is Mom modeling her cozy. It is made out of a lovely alpaca silk blend. Very smooth and yummy feeling. I got the pattern off of Defiantly one of my favorite sites. I didn't take a detail shot of it lacy pattern but it is really pretty. You can see the detail on the "cover" of the Fall '04 Issue # 9 of Thanks Danielle for designing it! BW


Anonymous said...

Amazing Daughter of the Year Award for sure! Beautiful! When can you made one for me (tee, hee)?

Anonymous said...

Okay, Bellywoman!! I know you've been ranting (you've been breathing haven't you?), but I'm not seeing anything on here...what gives??